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Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers preview: Madden 24 LIVE simulation

We’re simulating the Detroit Lions’ Week 5 matchup against the Carolina Panthers with a game of Madden 24.

Our weekly Madden 24 simulations continue to be off the wall. Five weeks in, and Madden has gotten the winner of the actual game wrong every. single. time.

Here’s a look at the results of our Madden simulations along with the actual results each week.

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Chiefs 38-21
  • Reality: Lions beat Chiefs, 21-20

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions beat Seahawks in OT, 38-35
  • Reality: Lions lose to Seahawks in OT, 37-31

Week 3:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Falcons, 27-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Falcons, 20-6

Week 4:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Packers, 27-9
  • Reality: Lions beat Packers, 34-20

Week 5:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Panthers, 24-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Panthers, 42-24

For whatever reason, Madden doesn’t seem to think all that highly of this Detroit Lions team, despite this being their best statistical start in at least 40 years.

Will that finally change this week? With my headed down to Florida to watch the game in person this week, we’ve moved up the Madden simulation from our typical time on Saturday mornings to a Friday Night Lights situation. So if you want to drop by, see my live commentary, and watch Madden look foolish over and over and over again, come drop by our Twitch channel on Friday night for all the shenanigans you could possible want.

Here are the details to watch:

What: Lions vs. Buccaneers Week 6 Madden 24 simulation
When: 6:30 p.m. ET — Friday, October 13
Where: (or embedded below)

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