What Would Surprise You?

Part of what has been a wonderful surprise during this new Lions' regime is being surprised with just how good things have gone. I love the aggressive play calling and all the surprises they've generated. I love the draft day trades and the great picks that have seemed to be a surprise to everyone. I can't help but think that something good is going to happen and it's just around the corner almost every day.

That feeling is what I think is really what's the most different from ever before. Just being surprised and optimistic is really different from what I've felt about the Lions for a long, long, long time.

I can't help but hope for more favorable surprises. What could happen yet next? What would surprise me more than ever? Here's some things I'd love to see:

1. DC named Coach of the Year;

2. BH named GM of the Year;

3. Lions in the Super Bowl;

4. Lions winning the Super Bowl;

5. Not one, not two, but maybe five or six or even seven Lions named to the PRO BOWL;

6. Not one, not two, but maybe four or five Lions named ALL PRO;

7. Bryan Branch named DROY;

8. Jahmyr Gibbs named OROY;

9. Lions leading the league in sacks;

10. Lions leading the league in offensive scoring;

11. Lions leading the league in fewest yards allowed;

12. Lions leading the league in interceptions;

13. Lions having not one, not two, but as many as four first team All Rookies;

14. Lions having all players healthy and available to play by game 14;

15. Lions drafting yet another starter before next season;

16. Lions signing another key free agent before next season;

17. Lions getting favorable ref calls that are technically wrong;

18. Lions breaking ground on a new training camp headquarters where up to 40,000 fans can visit each day;

19. Lions being the talk of the league as to where everybody would like to play;

20. Lions re-signing DC and BH for the next 10 years, with their coordinators saying they'd never want to go away too!

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