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Detroit Lions vs. Las Vegas Raiders preview: LIVE Madden 24 simulation

Watch live as we preview Detroit Lions vs. Las Vegas Raiders in a Week 8 Madden 24 simulation.

Happy NFL Sunday to you!

It’s another one of those beautiful fall Sundays where Detroit Lions fans can just sit back and enjoy a full slate of football without stressing about the home team. The Lions will have their time in the sun on Monday night against the Las Vegas Raiders, but today, it’s all about watching the other 28 teams in action.

Of course, 1 p.m. ET always feels too long away, and let’s face it: NFL pregame shows largely suck. So this week, we have a different offering: our weekly Madden simulation.

While these normally take place on Saturday morning, the Lions’ altered weekly schedule pushed things back a day, so let this be your intro to real football.

If you haven’t joined our Madden simulations live before, they’re a trip. It’s wacky, it’s illogical, and it’s one of the worst predictors of the actual result. In fact, up until last week’s simulation, they were 0-6 at predicting the winner of the game.

Here are the week-by-week results thus far:

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Chiefs 38-21
  • Reality: Lions beat Chiefs, 21-20

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions beat Seahawks in OT, 38-35
  • Reality: Lions lose to Seahawks in OT, 37-31

Week 3:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Falcons, 27-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Falcons, 20-6

Week 4:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Packers, 27-9
  • Reality: Lions beat Packers, 34-20

Week 5:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Panthers, 24-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Panthers, 42-24

Week 6:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Bucs, 28-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Bucs, 20-6

Week 7:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Ravens, 30-18
  • Reality: Lions lose to Ravens, 38-6

Despite the inaccuracy, it’s a fun two hours to spend as we talk Lions football, I narrate the action, and we just goof around for a good amount of time. And as of last week, these are now co-streamed on both Twitch and YouTube!

Here’s how to watch:

What: Lions vs. Ravens Week 8 Madden 24 simulation
When: 10 a.m. ET — Sunday, October 29
Where: or (or embedded below)

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