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PHOTOS: Best Detroit Lions players in Halloween outfits

A look at the best Halloween costumes from the Detroit Lions players on “Monday Night Football.”

As the Detroit Lions entered Ford Field for their “Monday Night Football” contest against the Las Vegas Raiders, several players chose to dress up for Halloween a day early. The results, as you may expect, are phenomenal, as players truly leaned into some of their creative side.

Let’s take a look at some of the best, as highlighted by the Lions and NFL social media team.

Graham Glasgow as an emo kid.

Just an expertly done emo outfit from Glasgow, all the way down to the wallet chain... and are those a couple of lip rings that I see?

Tracy Walker as a pimp?

Straight out of the Playa Haters’ Ball sketch from “Chappelle’s Show,” Walker looks pretty phenomenal in this outfit and should maybe just consider wearing this every week.

Aidan Hutchinson as Sharkboy

For the fans of the “Sharkboy and Lavagirl series,” Hutchinson somehow managed to find a costume that big from a kids movie.

Benito Jones as... ????

After his overalls fit a few weeks ago, it’s hard to know if this is just Benito Jones being Benito Jones. Either way, it should be celebrated.

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