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Detroit Lions vs. Carolina Panthers preview: Madden 24 LIVE simulation

We’re simulating the Detroit Lions’ Week 5 matchup against the Carolina Panthers with a game of Madden 24.

Our weekly Madden 24 simulations have been perfectly imperfect. Madden has predicted four winners thus far, and they have been 0-4 in their accuracy.

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Chiefs 38-21
  • Reality: Lions beat Chiefs, 21-20

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions beat Seahawks in OT, 38-35
  • Reality: Lions lose to Seahawks in OT, 37-31

Week 3:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Falcons, 27-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Falcons, 20-6

Week 4:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Packers, 27-9
  • Reality: Lions beat Packers, 34-20

It’s uncanny how incorrect Madden has been, but that seems to be par for the course for the video game series. They’ve pretty much always predicted the Detroit Lions to struggle on a week-to-week basis, so it stands to reason now that Detroit is actually winning football games, Madden is on the wrong side of history. Hopefully, by the time we get to December football, Madden has adjusted their rankings accordingly.

This week should be an interesting matchup, because the Lions come into the week as heavy favorites over the Carolina Panthers, and they hold a pretty significant Madden advantage, as well. Will the virtual Lions’ struggles continue anyway, or are we finally due for a Madden win—that hopefully matches the result on Sunday?

Come join us this Saturday morning to watch the action unfold over on our Twitch page, while I provide live commentary.

What: Lions vs. Panthers Week 5 Madden 24 simulation
When: 10 a.m. ET — Saturday, October 7
Where: (or embedded below)

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