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Detroit dominated the Panthers: Expect more of it

The Detroit Lions destroyed the Carolina Panthers. This is the new normal. We explain in our recap podcast.

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

4-1 is a pretty little thing. The Detroit Lions had no issues handling the Carolina Panthers. The Lions entered Sunday as a trendy fade pick by wise guys and smart-alecks, but no trap game was to be had; the bigger cats led wire-to-wire and never really let this one get close to sniff. They won the ground game, turnover battle, and probably some other stuff that people like to bring up, all fundamental-sounding things to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about.

On this episode of the Pride of Detroit “PODcast,” we’re going inside the game, breaking down the biggest storylines and takeaways from Sunday’s action and what it means as the season enters the second phase. We examine how complete the Lions are, plus recognizing standout performances on the day—including more accolades yet again for defensive end Aidan Hutchinson.

Injuries do loom with the defensive backs, and we break down where the Lions can possibly get relief and what positions might not be as bitten by injuries just yet. We also discuss Jameson Williams’ second year unveiling (which wasn’t much unless you’re really into run-blocking—which I am). Finally, a quick look down the road as the Lions get ready to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and where Detroit stacks up against the entire NFL.

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