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Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Chargers preview: LIVE Madden 24 simulation

Previewing NFL Week 10’s Lions vs. Chargers game with a computer simulated Madden 24 game.

Last week, we desperately tried to fix the Madden Detroit Lions. With the real Lions on the bye week, we decided to go crazy at the trade deadline. We acquired Maxx Crosby, Patrick Surtain, Aaron Donald, Mike Evans—and even Justin Tucker. We figured that was enough talent to get the Lions over the edge and compete for a title. So, we lined them up against the Philadelphia Eagles, and...


It’s been like this every week. The Lions are just 1-7 in our Madden simulations, and it just doesn’t seem to matter who they’re playing or how they adjust the Madden ratings based on the actual team: the Madden Lions suck.

Here are the week-by-week results compared to the actual results.

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Chiefs 38-21
  • Reality: Lions beat Chiefs, 21-20

Week 1:

  • Madden: Lions beat Seahawks in OT, 38-35
  • Reality: Lions lose to Seahawks in OT, 37-31

Week 3:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Falcons, 27-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Falcons, 20-6

Week 4:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Packers, 27-9
  • Reality: Lions beat Packers, 34-20

Week 5:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Panthers, 24-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Panthers, 42-24

Week 6:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Bucs, 28-17
  • Reality: Lions beat Bucs, 20-6

Week 7:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Ravens, 30-18
  • Reality: Lions lose to Ravens, 38-6

Week 8:

  • Madden: Lions lose to Raiders, 16-10
  • Reality: Lions beat Raiders, 26-14

But we are no strangers to watching bad football, so we will trudge on. Plus, it’s a fun opportunity to chat about Lions football for 90 minutes while I provide live commentary and answer your questions.

Of course, we’re also right in the middle of our Movember charity drive, which has already crossed over $10,000 raised for the Alzheimer’s Association. This stream will provide another opportunity to raise more money and do some more ridiculous punishments to me (please no more fart spray).

Here’s how to watch and participate:

What: Lions vs. Raiders Week 10 Madden 24 simulation
When: 4:30 p.m. ET — Friday, November 10
Where: or (or embedded below)

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