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WATCH: Barry Sanders’ awesome live reaction to Jahmyr Gibbs TD

The Detroit Lions camera crew caught this great moment of Barry Sanders live reacting to Jahmyr Gibbs’ touchdown run vs. the Raiders.

This week, the Detroit Lions released their highly-anticipated “Calls of the Game” video, where we get an inside peek at the Detroit Lions radio operation. It’s always a pleasure to see and hear play-by-play announcer Dan Miller do his work, complemented by Lions legend Lomas Brown, who was inducted into the Ring of Honor this week.

But this week’s “Monday Night Football” edition against the Las Vegas Raiders had something else really cool to see. Lions legendary running back Barry Sanders was in the house for the big game and the Brown induction at halftime, and this video just so happened to catch him in the radio booth at the exact perfect time.

Because when Lions rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs scored his impressive 27-yard touchdown, guess who was right there in plain sight watching him? That’s right, we get to see Sanders’ live reaction to Gibbs’ touchdown, and it did not disappoint. You should watch the entire video, but if you want to jump to that exact moment, it’s at the 1:27 mark.

With Sanders in the room, Brown—dressed in his Ring of Honor jacket—jumped on the opportunity to give Gibbs one of the highest compliments possible.

“Dan, I think he might have done that for number 20,” Brown said. “That looked a little bit, just a tad like him.”

“That looked a little familiar? Barry Sanders in the booth, Jahmyr Gibbs on the field. That’s good stuff,” Miller responded.

Just a ridiculously cool moment to catch on tape, as you can see the excitement on Sanders’ face (well, as excited as he gets) as he leans into the play and throws up the touchdown sign.

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