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Detroit Lions social media absolutely fries Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

The Detroit Lions social media team keeps earning more Ws—this time by making fun of Bears QB Justin Fields for dancing before the game was over.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

As if the Detroit Lions unbelievable comeback victory over the Chicago Bears wasn’t enough, the team’s social media put Justin Fields in their crosshairs on Monday night in a perfectly hilarious and evil way. (Just like they did to the Los Angeles Chargers last week,)

It all started with Fields’ 29-yard scramble that converted a third-and-14 and appeared to put the game away. The play moved the Bears to the Lions’ 26-yard line with 6:36 left in the game. Chicago was already up 23-14 at the time, and with no signs of life from Detroit’s offense or defense, it seems like Chicago would at least tack on another three—and probably bleed a ton of more clock to make a comeback nearly impossible. So what did Fields do after the play? He danced:

Little did Fields know that this was literally the last good play from the entire Bears team for the rest of the game. Chicago would run seven more plays on offense in regulation. Here’s how that turned out:

  • Run for 2 yards
  • Run for 1 yard
  • Run for 2 yards (FG)
  • Run for no gain
  • Run for 1 yards
  • Incomplete pass
  • Sack for -10 yards, fumble, safety

The Bears defense was even worse, as the Lions proceeded to mount 75-yard and 73-yard touchdown drives that took a total of 3:20 second to complete. The end result was a 31-26 defeat for the Bears.

But as I mentioned, an even bigger L awaited them on social media. Poking fun at Fields, the Lions dropped this on their Twitter account Monday night:

Even if you have no idea what is going on, this is undeniable funny. Replacing a koopa from the Mario universe with a dancing Justin Fields frozen in ice is silly and funny.

But I appreciate a good joke that is only for a handful of people, too. Because this tweet is referencing the largely-failed “Miiverse”—the online community for the short-lived Wii U console. The community featured a lot of in-game tips like this, and the one referenced above was obviously a joke that went—well, I don’t even know if I can say it went that viral. Here’s a tweet screenshotting the same original tip from 11 years ago that garnered just 120 retweets:

This is the kind of research that I appreciate for good social managing. Well done, Lions.

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