No easy games left the rest of the way.

Not too long ago I thought the end of our season would be pretty easy for us but it's not looking like we have any easy games left all the teams are playing at a high level right now except the Saints the Packers just beat the Charger's and look improved these 2 Vikings games could be key for us if we lose some of these. here is the rest of the schedule Home VS Packers, Away at the Saints, Away at the Bears, Home Vs Denver, At Vikings, At Cowboys, Home vs Vikings to wrap up things I def think we can win all these but it won't be easy either and all these I could see going either way except the Saint's that seems locked in right now too me.

Thoughts on the rest of the way? You can make predictions if you want but I'm not going too. I just find it interesting it looked so easy not too long ago and looks more difficult now based on how these teams have played lately hopefully we can stay healthy that could be very key for us to end the year on a high note as it doesn't seem like we have much room for error with other teams stepping up now.

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