The Second Shoe

I will readily admit I am not some long suffering fan like many of you are. I became a fan in 2018, Matt Patricia was hired as the head coach of the Detroit Lions and Chad Morris was hired as the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks (my Dad's Alma mater and my current college). It seemed like the perfect moment to take the step from just playing Madden and NCAA 14 to becoming a fan of actual real life football teams. As we all know the lions would flop around for the next couple of seasons and Chad Morris would coach a team that is best described as a disgrace to football (over exaggeration but you get my point). I tell you this because I want you to understand that I haven't been through the amount of pain that all of you have and so I am much less a cynic when it comes to this team. But if I could tell every single Lions fan one thing is to look at the ground, and if you look, you'll see a hundred thousand different shoes.

From not winning a playoff game since 1991, to Berry's retirement, to Megatron's retirement, to not appearing in a super bowl despite being one of the longest established teams in the NFL, to the curse of Bobby Lane, to going 0-16, to the game that started the debate of what the heck is a catch, and to countless upon countless upon countless more events just like this have the Lions fans always looking up with an umbrella in hand, waiting for the shoe to drop.

Do I blame you for this mindset? No. Do I think this mindset is unjustified among the life long lions fans? Again, no. But this Lions team is not built off of dumb luck like last year's Vikings, it's not built off of spending dump trucks full of money to free agents like the bears, nor is it built off of hoping that one man can carry them to victory with no help around him like the Packers of old (and the Chargers this year and the Stafford Lions if you want to count that). This 8-3 record isn't built off of a hot streak or two or just playing bad awful opponents over and over again. This is a team that is built the right way, a team whose roster, coaching staff, and everyone in the building from the owner to the water boy is built to deal with adversary.

Lions fans, the second shoe has already dropped. It already dropped countless times before. But this team is built right, built with a solid foundation, with hard work and grit forged in the fires of 3-13-1. So close your umbrellas, stop looking towards the sky, for the second shoe has already dropped and so just sit back and enjoy the sun.

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