What I think went down between Goff and Holmes and why he is now on his way out of here

It's time's like these you have to trust your scouting report on Hooker i'm sure he was high up on their board and would have been even possibly in the first round on their board if not due to injury similar to other players who fell and would have been higher that Brad took. The more I think about it I think it has been quiet cause it gives you no advantage but I think Brad knew they are likely moving on from Goff all the way from last offseason Goffs stats are inflated cause of team success around him but in theory his stats say he is owed a top 5 QB deal.

Which clearly made Brad uncomfortable cause he has not been extended but had to use him this year inflate the trade value plus we have a good team can;t let everyone down but once we get bounced in the playoff's due to not elite paly from Goff it gives you the reason to move on from him keeping in mind Brad has to explain all this to his boss the Owner. Obviously Brad doesn't want us to loss due to Goff but we really had no other good option this offseason now we have a young guy next year to give him the whole offseason to be healthy,train and surround him with pieces to help him including being back Bridgewater as his mentor.

I think Brad put himself in the best spot he probably told the Owner i'm not sure about Goff yet cause he wants such a high dollar deal let's see what he does this year with a good team and high expectation's so it was a no loss position for him and gives him the ammo to move on if Goff flames out he basically put himself in a position toe either reward Goff for a high level of play and playoff success or maybe an even a higher standard of et me a Sb win or if he bomb's an excuse to move on and a guy behind him to build around now I think Sheila is willing to be patient and put up with Hooker developing for a year if Brad feels its best to move on from Goff and Brad feels Hooker is a long term answer which I think he does he has not said this but 3rd round was pretty high for us when we had other needs to draft him and he for sure goes 2nd round maybe even in the 1st if not for the injury people forget dude was balling in college his last season.

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