How About Some of These Defensive Changes?

The defense isn't working. The personnel has changed a bit and we need to respond. Taking note of what has and hasn't worked also needs to be taken into account.

Here's my starting list of items I think we need to consider. Please add to it in comments.

1. The rush 4 isn't breaking through to get sacks. We need to regularly rush 5. It can be alternated - Mike, Will, SS, and, or Sam.

2. When will Houston, Irvin, Harris, J Okwara, R Okwara earn more/some snaps?

3. Sutton should be assigned the #1 opposition WR, at least sometimes in man-to-man.

4. Can we shift from Zone to Man-to-Man in third downs?

5. How much are we shifting Cominsky and Hutchinson inside to add a 5th rusher on the outside?

I don't really know if Glenn is responsible for calling all the D plays, but maybe he should give someone else some of the responsibility to change it up. The D looks stuck, or stagnant. We need to get take-aways: fumbles, interceptions, and of course more QB sacks, hits, and pressures.

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