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There are a group of fans and podcasters screaming for Aaron Glenn to be fires yet when the offense lays an egg nobody says a word. Answering a group of people adverse to common sense i found some info that's hard to ignore...

spotrac says In 2023, Goff will earn a base salary of $20,975,000 and a roster bonus of $5,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $30,975,000 and a dead cap value of $35,975,000.
Google says The Detroit Lions have the most expensive offensive line in the NFL in 2023. The offensive line accounts for 27.99% of the team's total cap space.

The Lions spend 52.43% of their salary cap on offense, which is the highest percentage in the league.

Here are some of the Lions' 2023 offensive line salaries:

  • Jared Goff: $30,975,000
  • Taylor Decker: $19,350,000
  • Frank Ragnow: $16,450,000
  • Aidan Hutchinson: $8,116,679
  • Penei Sewell: $6,572,473

Lions defensive line spending is $24,477,022 and 10.77% of the cap

Alright, let's start on the offensive side. This is where most of the money is being spent. The Lions are spending $127,254,464 on their offense in 2023. That's 56 percent of the Lions cap hit. That makes the Lions offense the fifth most expensive offense in the NFL.

The quarterbacks only account for 15.13 percent of the cap for the Lions. That's all of them. The Lions will spend the third most in the NFL on quarterbacks in 2023. That could go go up if the Lions decide to extend Goff before the season. It seems unlikely, but it's possible since discussions have taken place.

The majority of the Lions spending on offense comes from their offensive line. It accounts for 27.99 percent of the teams total cap space. It's the most expensive unit on the team by far. In 2023, the Lions have the most expensive offensive offensive line in the entire NFL. This is a unit that could extend Jonah Jackson any moment now. So that number could increase.

The Lions defense is very cheap. Like, surprisingly cheap. The Lions defense costs $70,978,681 in 2023. That's 31.24 percent. In terms of where that ranks in the league, it's nearly dead last at 31st. The only team that'll spend less in 2023 is the Los Angeles Rams. There shouldn't be any surprise there from the Lions side of things. They had the youngest defense in the NFL a year ago. A lot of rookie deals.

It should also come at no surprise that the majority of the Lions spending on defense comes from the secondary after Brad Holmes signed nearly every available defensive back in free agency. At least the good ones. It's 13.09 percent of the teams cap. Despite that, the Lions secondary is the leagues 27th cheapest secondary.

The next most expensive unit for the Lions defense is their defensive line. It accounts for 12.18 percent of the cap. That's the 26th most expensive defensive line around. Lastly there's the linebackers. They come in at 8.30 percent of the cap and rank out at 23rd in the league.

For everybody wanting to fire Glenn the article from A to Z sports says the Lions defense is nearly DEAD LAST in spending at 31st. As of November 16, 2023, the Detroit Lions rank ninth in total defense per game and third in the league in run defense per game. The Lions also rank in the top 10 in DVOA, which makes them the third-best team in total DVOA.The fans are expecting the defense to dominate even though it's very young and the vets were signed on the cheap. Goff's cap hit is greater than the cap hit of the entire defensive line so why are the fans after Glenn? The defense is playing far above it's paygrade. In the meantime Ben Johnson is being called a genius for getting equivalent performance from the 5th most expensive offense.

If one goes by spending the Lions fans should hold Ben Johnson and Dan responsible for the offense failing the last 2 games and praise Glenn for holding the defense together despite losing it's second best pass rusher and 2 prime members of the secondary.

Jared Goff is what I said he was 2 years ago, a year ago and today. He is mid, a high level game manager who can run an offense efficiently as long as he's protected and has a running game. He is a timid thrower who under pressure wilts and is prone to mistakes. Every team from now on will pressure the heck out of him so Montey and Gibbs better be ready. They are the cure. The defense's job is to keep scheming what pressure can be gotten while stopping the run. Glenn is desperately trying to cover all the holes in a very inexpensive defense and he's done a good job. The defense was underrated against the Bears and Pack, the offense failed.

A while ago I asked who would you pick, Goff or Purdy? Right now I'd say Purdy. In fact Dak Prescott has blown by Goff.

Watching Allen, Jalen Hurts, Trevor Lawrence and Stroud play, it's great seeing QBs play at a high level who can improvise and throw on the run. These type QBs are the future and fun to watch. Look at Mahomes who is now a vet, he can still make throws the nobody else can do.

I really like JJ McCarthy and Blake Corum. If the Lions didn't draft Hooker, I'd be hoping for JJ. Corum would make a great backup, a durable yet small power back.

I still expect the Lions to win 11-12 games and a playoff game. That would be a great year.

Rooting for the Bears to beat the Vikes.

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