Since it's the bye week what position do we look to level up in the draft next year?

I think at this point while we have a few weaknesses the biggest one is DT. I was really hoping Levi would bounce back and have at least one breakout game by now but I think he was inactive last game not a good sign midway through the season he could improve but it isn't looking right now look he will be a big contributor maybe a depth guy at this point in his career. Bento Jones is solid but he is mostly a run stuffer type same with Buggs. Martin I still think will be good he just wasn't coached well or used well at college. I was a bit surprised so many wanted Crosby yeah he is good but we already mostly have edge filled up with good players. I think Houston could get close to what Crosby is plus Paschal is good. I was looking at Walter Football and there are several good Dt's available so Holmes can either sit back and wait or trade up. I always though a top tier GM look's 2 drafts ahead so Holmes may have seen this problem coming partially but just didn't have the resources to rectify it last offseason or the board and value didn't line up so he addressed other weakness's knowing he could circle back this year and get it fixed I'm sure he had hopes for Levi and Martin too. Holmes philosophy also seems to suggest he value's upfront Linemen on defense over the secondary. We could see a repeat of his first draft where he goes back to back DT's except instead of round 2 and 3 it's in rounds 1 and 2 this time. We would have room for 2 more especially if they can Pass Rush it would give us the fiercest front we have ever had at least in my lifetime I'm 34 we would have Alim,Martin the 2 new guys and if we keep 5 it be a battle of Jones,Levi and Buggs be a pretty damn good front. CB is still an issue but I think Mosely comes back maybe we do Free agency again and for sure draft someone in the 3rd or later maybe even the 2nd if we don't take 2 Dt's early. I just see a bigger benefit in shoring up DT in a good DT class then going CB early on we will still get some guy's but our inside pass rush will help them out and really at this point we could upgrade some starters but its mostly depth at CB where we are hurting Sutton and Branch have their spots locked down and are both good most of the time Jacobs has stepped up lately have too see if he maintains or not.


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