mid season deep thoughts by Mic2000...

I believe the Lions will activate Hooker this season. Why?

1. Backup QBs are very valuable. Look at the 49ers and Miami in the playoffs last season, they were forced to play their 3rd string QB. The Vikes had to play a newly traded for QB when their 2nd string QB stunk up the joint.

2. The Lions advocated for the emergency QB. They believe in having a capable 3rd QB.

3. Hooker is ready, from reports he knows the offense and was capable of playing shortly after the season's start.

4. I don't believe in Teddy. Has he even taken a snap this year?

As of yet, I have seen no reason to extend Goff. He still make puzzling mistakes. The second half schedule is easier than the first so he has a chance to earn cash and a valuable extension depending how he plays in the biggest games.

What the Ravens did to Seattle is what they did to the Lions. The Ravens were at home against both teams, both teams are on the same level and both were blown up by similar margins.

Soon we all will see what may be the most dangerous pair of runners in the NFL, Montgomery who is a superior, talented power back who can also catch out of the backfield and Gibbs who is a speedy outside runner and pass catcher with the power to run up the middle also. The Saints in their heyday had a similar pair of runners. They are perfect for taking pressure off Goff and allowing him to effectively use play action passing which he is great at.

CJ Stroud is freaking amazing. He is a thoroughly effective QB as a rookie and has surprised everybody. He's also a good reason to respect Hooker because I think he's better than Stroud. Some rookies are very effective right out of the box.

To those who are angry that Brad did not make a move? Think about how many were disappointed after the draft, especially the "positional value" nerds, are you still angry? Gibbs showed the world the reason he was a high pick. LaPorta is a star and Branch was a steal. Campbell is still searching for his best spot and he will break out soon. Sorsdal was good in his last start and Martin had some good plays and some bad plays in his first start. I believe Martin is a perfect fit in the Lions rotation and will only get better. Holmes didn't make a move because he didn't want to overpay unless he was a difference maker and the available players weren't.

Just think, last year we were thinking of having 2 high draft picks, one of which could've been the first pick. Such a draft would've set the Lions up for years. Instead the Lions went on a run and the Rams screwed us by winning at the end dropping the Lions from the top 5.

The health of the offensive line will be the key to the Lions offensive second half. The Lions 4 minute offense is probably one of the most devasting in the NFL. It was surely missed against the Ravens because those 3 and outs were killers for the defense getting rest.

Speaking of the defense, big props to Glenn with the 2nd ranked run defense. Yes there's good talent but I believe he's got them performing above their talent level. There will be talent breakouts, Brach, Campbell and even Martin could pop in the second half.

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