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Notes: Jared Goff says recent stats don’t tell the right story

Some are quick to forget just where the Detroit Lions stand right now, and quarterback Jared Goff is out to remind them.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

With a few recent losses under their belt, rumblings are starting to pop up about the Detroit Lions not being good enough to go the distance.

A few examples I found just this morning:

“This team has now lost two of its past three games and they’re no longer looking like a serious Super Bowl contender,” writes CBS Sports’ John Breech.

“The last time we saw the Lions look like a potential Super Bowl contender might have been all the way back in Week 4, when they dominated the Packers,” said Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab.

You’ll see plenty of doubt from some fans as well, but many are forgetting just where the Lions are sitting right now.

“It’s not always perfect, and we’re fortunate enough to sit here with nine wins. A lot of teams would be happy to be at that place right now, but we gotta certainly do some things to play a little better ball the next few weeks,” said quarterback Jared Goff.

Goff says the losses at the hands of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears over the past few weeks don’t paint the proper picture.

“OK you cherry pick stats, we’re 2-2 in the last four — cherry pick the last seven, cherry pick the last eight. We can do this all day,” he said in a one-on-one with FOX 2’s Dan Miller.

The 29-year-old has never been one to listen to outside noise. In the press conference immediately following Sunday’s loss to the Bears, he even said a little bit of adversity at this point in the season isn’t a bad thing. Miller asked what Goff, as a leader, is going to tell his guys this week in preparation for the home matchup against the Denver Broncos on Saturday.

“Continue to heighten the urgency and understand what the situation we’re in is, how important everyday is, how important every hour is for the time that we’re in this building,” he said.

You can watch the full segment here.

And onto the rest of your notes.

  • What was with all those penalties? The crew discusses that and much more that went wrong Sunday in a new episode of “Twentyman in the Huddle.”

  • What is the biggest red flag the Lions need to keep an eye on to stay atop the division? I’m sure you can guess.’s Jeffri Chadiha offers his answer.

  • Probably not your most fun read, but the Detroit Free Press’s Marlowe Alter examines the Lions’ playoff history and chose the top five most painful losses.

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