Who is more at fault for our defense Glenn or Holmes?

I am just curious where everyone stands? As there seems to be 3 sides to this deal the overly optimistic everything will magically turn around after our defense since the Ravens game is literally dead last in the league in overall rankings and shows no signs of life to me in either a schematic changeup or different personal playing more snaps. Then there is the ones saying it is Holmes fault that he has not added enough talent or we are too young and last but not least and the one I'm mostly leaning towards is it is AG's fault as he has not developed enough guy's or gameplanned well enough or made adjustment's to his scheme to fit his personal which is what you have to do during the season when your roster is mostly set.

I can see peoples point blaming Holmes as he has had some misses and you could say did not add enough during free agency to prepare us arguably his biggest miss is on Levi the DT for defense So far plus to me drafting Campbell who may be great but boy we sure could use a CB right now and could have taken Gonzalez or even traded down and gotten Joey Porter Jr but overall to me Holmes has mostly done a good to great job in adding talent mostly via the draft

To my last point going into why AG is the biggest problem Campbell could be a great example here of a guy not being used properly I didn't see the value in him over a CB lets say but I think now Holmes had a different vision he wanted a hybrid LB who could be turned into a pass rushing machine so if you look at him as a guy who gets turned into a pass rusher like ay a TJ Watt or Max Crosby it makes sense why Holmes valued him so highly as his history suggest he values linemen and pass rusher's over the secondary early in the draft granted he as not used in this way much in college but he is a freak of an athlete and could do it just needs coached up technique wise and get experience which he hasn't had much of this year snap's wise.

Holmes also see's something different in Broderick Martin developing into a pass rusher unlike how he was used in college so I don't think it's a stretch to say he see's the same with Campbell. I also think about could some of our guys who produced in the past really have fallen off that much up front mostly cause it is what is causing so many problems in our back end lack of a Pass Rush has Cominskey, the Okwara Bro's and Harris really regressed that much or are they just not being used right? We seem to opt too much for stopping the run there needs to be a balance stopping the run is good but if teams can pass all over you it won't matter how good you are.

One Last guy I think we may have misplaced positionally is Josh Paschal. If you go back and look at the scouting reports they talk about how dominanting he is on the interior and how he lacks the speed and bend to be an élite outside pass rusher. I can't help but think the biggest reason this never happened let him move to 3 tech full time is Glenn saw him as being undersized even if he adds weight he likes big guys as his dt's I think he would do better along with Mcneil and its not a hard change to make we could do it now even.

In summary I just wanted to post my more detailed thought;s on what is going on and why we need to fire AG going deeper into our roster and how it is being used and exploring was he given enough to work with etc. We actually have invested more draft picks and even total free agent's towards defense even though it is cheaper for now cause of building via the draft and if you look on offense Ben Johnson has done better developing and getting the most out of free agent's when AG has little to show for consistently developed guys and people performing consistently in general. You could argue mainly just the talented guys have been consistent performers for us have pushed though despite him.

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