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Survey Results: Lions fans prefer Vikings, Rams for first-round playoff matchup

The results from the latest SB Nation Reacts survey are in and Detroit Lions fans have spoken.

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On Wednesday, we polled Detroit Lions fans, asking them two questions for our latest SB Nation Reacts survey:

  1. Are you confident the Lions are headed in the right direction? (weekly poll)
  2. Who is your preferred first-round playoff opponent for the Lions?

With regards to the first survey question, here are the results we have seen throughout the season:

So apparently, all it took was a simple 42-17 blowout victory over a team that had been playing well in order to get fans back on board with the direction of the Lions. After dominating the Broncos in Week 15, confidence jumped almost all the way back up to where they were before the Thanksgiving game. The Lions should just do this every week and make things easier for all of us.

As far as the second question—Who is your preferred first-round playoff opponent for the Lions?—the Vikings (36%) narrowly edged out the Rams (34%), with the Packers (19%) and Seahawks (11%) rounding out the responses.

Here are a few of the explanations from voters (lightly edited for clarity and ease of reading) in the comment section of the original article:

  • Lionsfan2081: “Vikings and it's not even close. Vikings' strength is their defense, not the offense. In a strength vs strength matchup, I like our chances. Plus give me a backup QB opponent in the playoffs vs a Super Bowl winner or a starter any day.”
  • ElCaptain340: “Vikings - I almost didn’t put them here since we’ve yet to play them but they have the least stable QB situation of all the teams listed. I trust Goff to perform better than Nick Mullens, especially at home.”
  • DetroiterinDC: “I voted Vikings, because I think they’re the best matchup for us (we’ll see how well this take ages)”

Of the 111 comments, despite the Vikings getting the majority of the vote, these three were the only ones to explain their Vikings pick. Most of the comments actually revolved around the Rams and the multitude of storylines that would come from that matchup. Here are a few examples:

  • Dfix: “I want the Rams. Stafford coming home to Detroit for the first time since the trade would be the best storyline for the wildcard round. It would also give Lions fans at Ford Field a chance to cheer him when he’s introduced and then spend the rest of the game rooting against him, that’s closure. I don’t care if they’re not the weakest opponent the Lions could face, at this time of year they’re all tough outs and you have to beat the good teams to make it mean anything.”
  • Treef!try: “Stafford will always be one of my all-time favorites so playing against him in the playoffs wouldn’t be an ideal situation. But I went with the Rams because I’m not a big fan of their HC. I believe we match up well with their style of play and if forced into a shootout, Goff has proven he can keep up with the best of them.”
  • rick_buddy: “I’m totally with the Rams and Stafford then Eagles and Patricia crowd. If we’re going to roar, then let’s ROAR!”

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