3 Wins Seals the Deal!

Regardless of your views about regressing or progressing, the simple fact is that the Lions needs to go 3-2 to guarantee a division crown.

So, how realistic is this, and what is the path? Not to belabour the possibilities, it seems to be a very achievable objective, and probably goes somethign like this:

@Bears - Win probabability ~70%

vs Denver - Win probability ~60%

@Vikings - Win Probability ~50% Note: Probably more, just beins a bit conservative here

@Dallas - Win probability ~35% Again, being conservative due to lack of faith in AG and the defense

vs Minny - Win probability ~60%

these are just my "out of the air" guesses on probability -- sum them up, divide by 100, I get 2.75 wins. I'll take this as a 3-2 record down the stretch, with a high probability that we actually do not neet to get to 12 wins when all is said and done. I doubt both Minny and GB can run the table, especially since they play each other.

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