A solution with coaching to help the defense without firing Arron Glenn this season.

I thought about a simple coaching solution that could be done without firing Arron Glenn tis year even though I still strongly believe he need's to go in the offseason.I think it would be a good move to have Chris Spielman help AG gameplan on defense and have John Fox more in there as well on the gameplan it's our biggest weakness so it needs the most attention to detail right now. More checks and balances are needed rather then AG having total freedom.

Plus we might as well use some of our 2 best resource's that are in advisor type of role's maybe the final check being having to get either John Foxs approval on what to do on defense that week or Campbells though Fox might make more sense if Dan doesn't have time and he is a defensive expert. Arron would still call the plays but maybe it would help him to have them draw up some of the play's he uses and have an overall theme for a gameplan.


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