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Goff VS Stafford VS Holmes

I'm going to present some theories based on observation on Goff VS Stafford, who does Holmes prefer. How that preference gives us clues as to who Holmes wants. Why did Holmes fill so many free agent spots instead of using the draft. Let's start with Goff VS Stafford. Holmes traded away Stafford for Goff and he was part of the team that drafted Goff. It seems clear Holmes preferred Goff, WRONG. Trading Stafford was done because Stafford wanted out and injuries were catching up to him. In any trade Holmes wanted a starting QB back and two teams fit the bill, Carolina and LA Rams. Holmes preferred the Carolina deal in which he would've got Teddy Bridgewater and the 8th pick but Stafford nixed the deal. So Holmes took the Rams deal and acquired Goff not because he preferred him but he was next up. If Stafford was healthier and willing to stay, he was far more of a Holmes guy than Goff. Stafford could improvise, making out of pocket plays, capable of running when necessary and he had grit. He would take a shot and get right back up, he was a leader, he had QB skills, able to make every throw to every part of the field. Meanwhile Holmes saw Goff fall apart and lose confidence, his teammates complained about him, nobody wanted him after the contract extension, not even the Rams. Goff is not a Campbell/Holmes guy but they know he needs reinforcement so his confidence does not drop. He flat lacks grit or talent. He's a game manager, that's all. Holmes wants a QB with grit, exceptional talent and leadership.. Goff is the guy for now but he's not "THE GUY".

Holmes and Campbell are looking for guy with "grit". Penne Sewell, Hutchinson, James Houston and Jameson are some of those guys and Holmes wants more. Holmes spent all free agency eating his vegetables, rehiring some, signing others, shoring up every weakness to the point that without drafting a single pick, he has vastly improved the defense. Holmes wants to have dessert by drafting every top notch, high impact athlete he can. The players who fit that profile are Richardson. He is fast strong and an exceptional athlete. Yardbarker describes him like this,"he possesses the height to see over any offensive line, regardless of rush. Add in the 244 pounds with the sub-4.4 speed, you have a gifted athletic talent as a signal caller. Next, not only does the prospect own an elite arm, capable of every NFL throw. Not to mention, Richardson displays consistent velocity that will frighten defenses. When the pocket breaks down, he will escape the pocket and accelerate down the field, streaking by linebackers. On the goal line, look for the prospect to call his own number, either with the sneak or beating defenders to the corner. From a mental standpoint, the former Gator appears intelligent, coachable, and scheme malleable." The man is a weapon as a runner and passer. He was born to make big plays. He has game changing talent and this is Holmes dessert.

Then there's Jahmyr Gibbs. PFN says, "Gibbs is built to win — both as a runner and a receiver. At his maximum, Gibbs can be an offensive weapon similar in caliber and style to Jamaal Charles. He has the same speed, burst, play pace, and two-phase ability. That skill set is assuredly worth early-round capital." He is fast. He is a perfect fit with the backs the Lions currently have and he can break big plays through the air and ground.

Mazi Smith. Hutch already HAS CHEMISTRY with Mazi and HE is a special athlete. MLIVE wrote,"The Athletic’s college football writer published his annual list of the 100 most impressive athletes around the country on Wednesday, and Wolverines defensive tackle Mazi Smith checked in at the very top. That’s right, at No. 1.

"The 6-foot-3, 337-pound senior has rare power and agility," Feldman writes. "So rare, in fact, it’s hard to find the right superlative to begin with."

Through Michigan’s strength staff, Feldman found out that: Smith has benched 22 reps of 325 pounds (not the typical 225), close-grip benched 550 pounds, posts a 44-inch vertical jump, and broad-jumped 9 feet, 4 1/2 inches. And that’s just his power and agility.

As for speed, well, Smith has that, too. The Grand Rapids, Mich., native has clocked a shuttle time of 4.41 seconds, which Feldman notes would’ve tied any defensive tackle at the NFL Scouting Combine this year; a 3-cone drill time of 6.95 seconds, which would have been the fastest; and a 60-yard shuttle of 11.90 seconds."

Mazi is an amazing athlete, strong and fits the Lions perfectly.

Klancey and Bijan and Hendon Hooker are exceptional but on the lower end of Holmes desert list. I honestly believe Holmes wants explosive plays and above are the player types he wants to create a league best offense, not 4 or 5 but one.


The point of reposting this is that Holmes has a plan and if you look close enough you can see it. Before the draft nobody was saying he'd draft Gibbs and Hooker but I did. Don't go by his words because he closely guards his speech and he hates spoilers. I believed he was seriously looking at Richardson because he would've been dominant behind this line and he showed out in Indy before he got hurt. Mazi Smith was projected to be drafted in round 2 and if he made it I projected him to the Lions, he went round 1 and the Lions took another big athletic player in Brodric. Holmes looks for a player type. athletic, smart, fast, good character, leader and in the end he drafted 4 guys of the 8(I believe) players he believed were 1st round picks. He wants a fast offense filled with athletes and a powerful run game. He loves big fast guys on the defensive line but they are just big right now.

As for Goff, what I said still stands, he's not a Holmes guy and Hooker is. He was drafted for the Rams not the Lions.

Holmes is picking up strays to bolster the defense. He knows what's missing and he has a plan and he won't waiver from it. This is a building team which everyone knew at the beginning but have forgotten now. It took a long while for the 49ers and Eagles to get to the top and the Lions need more time. There will be surprising things happening next season. As for now Holmes is still trying to fill holes, he may have some surprises this season.

How ironic when the offense loses players and the play drops everyone blames the defense. How far would the offense gone without the 2 turnovers from the d? The defense lost 3 high level players early and the answer to some is fire AG. I seem to remember a young Shanahan struggling despite incredibly high draft picks, it take time to build a defense from basically nothing.

Holmes old guy brigade may just add some energy to a young defense, You ever hear of old man strength, don't mess with Irvin.

One more thought, I'm guessing Holmes wants to resign Goff but at a reasonable rate and short contract. Guessing the talks may get ugly.

Hooker will play this season, he will make the roster. Guessing he may play late in the season. His arm is already impressing folks.

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