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Tuesday open thread: What is your favorite part of Pride of Detroit?

Time for a little self-reflection.

Now that it’s officially the offseason, it’s a time for self-reflection across the NFL. For 31 teams, the next seven months will be spent evaluating what went wrong in 2022 and building to try and make 2023 better.

We here at Pride of Detroit are no different. Though by almost every single possible metric, 2022 was a record-breaking year for us, we’re always trying to improve, expand, and innovate. This is a business that is constantly evolving, and if we decide to stand pat, we’re going to fall behind quickly.

So while we’re going to self-evaluate over the next few months, input from you—the readers, listeners, and viewers—is just as valuable, if not more. Today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite part about Pride of Detroit?

My answer: Aside from our amazing staff, I have to say our community. That has always been the thing that makes Pride of Detroit—and really all of SB Nation—unique. While our primary focus is always giving you the best, most accurate, and most interesting Lions news and analysis, building and growing our community is not far behind.

That’s why we’ve expanded our reach to several different platforms over the years. The PODcast remains a huge part of our community reach—which can now be viewed live on our Twitch page. We’ve added a weekly mailbag podcast show (Wednesdays around 12:30 p.m. ET) to make sure you have an impact on our content, and our Spotify Live sessions—where you can call into the show—will be starting up soon.

We’ve also established a Discord page to give a more modern way to chat with other Lions fans for a new generation. Our YouTube and Facebook pages remain active, while we’re starting to pour more resources into Instagram and TikTok.

Community is especially important to me, because it’s how I got my start here. I have always been an active commenter here, and I got my writing start in the FanPosts section of this website before getting noticed by Sean Yuille, who founded this site and eventually recommended me as his successor.

But enough out of me. Let’s hear what you love about the website.

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