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Thursday open thread: Does Tom Brady’s retirement have any impact on the Lions?

Another domino has fallen in the quarterback landscape.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

After carrying a mediocre Buccaneers team to the playoffs, once again Tom Brady is ready to call it quits after an unmatched career. While very few expected him to return to Tampa Bay, there are plenty of rosters that could use the talents of the future Hall of Famer and would become instant competitors.

With Brady (seemingly) out of the NFL next year, there are sure to be ripple effects across the league. Though the Detroit Lions are squared away at quarterback with Pro Bowler Jared Goff at the helm, some of their future opponents may be impacted by this decision. Nothing in the NFL ever happens in a vacuum.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Does Tom Brady’s retirement have any impact on the Lions?

My answer: There were plenty of rumors where Brady might have landed should he have chosen to continue his career, though not many of them are on the Lions’ 2023 schedule. As mentioned above, it was likely not going to be Tampa Bay, but Las Vegas and Carolina were tossed around as teams in the mix, so it is unclear who Detroit will be facing in those games.

The other factor at play here is Aaron Rodgers. The longtime Lions’ nemesis has also been the center of NFL attention, and retirement has been suggested for him as well. However, with Brady’s announcement on Wednesday, perhaps Rodgers will want to wait a year, seeing his attraction to the spotlight. This does not guarantee he will stay in Green Bay, though, meaning Detroit may not see him regardless.

Your turn.

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