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Ask POD: Detroit Lions mailbag submission time

The Detroit Lions written mailbag is back, and it’s new-and-improved.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We’re firmly stuck in one of the many quiet parts of the NFL offseason. Things will quickly pick up with the NFL Combine next week, free agency a couple weeks after that, and the NFL Draft just a short two months away.

But for now, we’re left breaking down mock drafts that get people irrationally angry, giving yet another update on the Calvin Johnson situation, and developing a rivalry with an attention-seeking troll.

So instead of letting the news come to us, let’s let our viewership guide the discussion for a little bit.

Today we’re kicking off a new edition of our written mailbag. In the past, Erik Schlitt and I have tag-teamed a lengthy post, answering four or five user-submitted questions. While we love those posts and the internal discussion it provides, those posts also take far longer than a normal mailbag. That’s why we do the written mailbag so infrequently: they’re time-consuming. And because of the post’s length, we’re only able to answer a limited amount of questions.

So, instead, we are going to do a rotating solo mailbag. This week, I will answer your questions. Next time, Erik is up. But to make sure you don’t lose out on those discussion posts, each mailbag round, we will take one intriguing question, and turn it into a big, back-and-forth post between Erik and I.

In addition to all of that, we will continue our midweek mailbag podcast episodes (though we’re taking the week off there), and our Spotify Live sessions will start up again this Saturday (more on that later in the week).

Alright, not that the huge disclaimer is now out of the way. Let’s hear your Lions questions!

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