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Podcast: Breaking down the Sutton, Anzalone signings

We recap the Lions’ Day 1 of free agency and give our thoughts on the Cameron Sutton and Alex Anzalone contrats.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Monday signaled the beginning of the tampering period, and the Detroit Lions struck quickly. By agreeing to sign former Steelers cornerback Cameron Sutton, they kicked off free agency with a bang, but it was also just one move alongside the decision to re-sign two key free agents of their own. The Lions are also bringing back DT Isaiah Buggs and LB Alex Anzalone, rewarding both for 2022 performances.

On this quick hit mini-PODcast, we break down Monday’s jumpstart to free agency. We examine how Sutton performed last year in Pittsburgh, and why he’s earned himself a new contract in Detroit; plus, why his signing may have draft implications for the Detroit Lions. We also dive into the re-signings by the Lions, primarily to tackle the fan questions about Anzalone: does he deserve to come back for another year, and does he deserve as much money as he got?

We’ll be releasing small PODcasts through the week as time permits when big news hits during free agency, so be sure to be subscribed to our PODcast feed on your favorite platforms, and be sure to follow us on Twitch to catch when we record live and hang out with our audience.

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