Highest Draft Priorities - after free agency

CB, S, or overall defensive secondary seems farther down the list than it was. I had it as perhaps the top priority. Still could prove to have the highest value on the board, but the urgency of helping the position fill out is gone. Mosely, McCain, Sutton, and resigning Harris helps a lot.

DT or DE are still relatively high on my priorities but not nearly so with Buggs, Cominsky, Harris, and Jones are resigned. Getting another big DT is still on the list, but it could be taken care of in the 3rd or even the 5th round. (Given that we don't currently have a 4th round pick.) Also, if Levi Onwuzurike were returning in good health this need my totally evaporate.

G, T, and, or C I think is still a high priority. If Hal Vaitai remains unable to play, and Tommy Kraemer is out, and, Evan Brown signs elsewhere - YIKES! We need more help across the whole line.

WR is a surprising but undeniable need. If D J Chark departs I think we should consider it as a very high priority. I really like the idea of having St Brown, Williams, and another young up and coming receiver on the roster.

TE doesn't seem like much of a need but Darnell Washington might be an exception to grab if he is as good of a blocker as has been suggested.

LB seems relatively secure, but perhaps getting help here is of more benefit than we might realize. Getting a chance to have Jack Campbell, Trent Simpson, or Drew Sanders might present excellent opportunities for the defense.

QB is a need, but likely a lower pick than we might have the opportunity for. This seems still a possible opportunity to trade back from the 6th slot in round 1.

RB seems secure, but if the opportunity were there to take Bijan Robinson I'd still be tempted to.

Prioritizing the positions, based on the depth that seems to be available, I'm inclined to go: WR, OL, DL, LB, DB, RB, QB, but really winds up being who is on the board that really counts.

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