What if the Lion’s Did………………..?

This is where we are all today. What if the Lion’s did…………

It’s all fun and games until the draft right? I mean, we all have done so many mock drafts by now and watched Youtube for every pundit saying anything about the Lion’s. Here’s where I am at going into the draft: I believe AZ will trade down with a team that wants the 3rd best QB or the best QB depending on their draft board. One thing is for certain, the top 4 QB’s all have their warts and all have some things teams like. In a league that is so dependent on stability at the QB position, even a top 15 QB can get you far in the playoffs. The TRUE franchise QB’s are so few and far between, that all teams are really looking for when they draft a round 1 QB, is for him NOT to be a bust!

Brad Holmes knows full well that he is playing with fire at the QB position if he kicks the can down the road one more year. Like Dan Campbell stated "we are not pressed up against it". What he is saying that a healthy Goff and a solid back up QB, they can win now and concentrate on other pressing needs on defense. While this is all true, it does not mean they are not looking for a QB. There are 4 consensus tier 1 QB’s but the next tier seems to only have 2 QB’s then it falls off dramatically to a strictly developmental QB and a stash on the practice squad. The 2 tier 2 QB’s are Herndon Hooker and Tanner McKee. I would be fine with either one in the second round and the lower of the two seconds.

What to do at 6?

The Lion’s need a little luck here. Depending on what AZ does at 3 and Seattle does at 5, there could be 2 QB’s available at 6. It feels like one QB will be there and depending on who it is, there could be a lot of interest. Teams like Titans, Raiders, Falcons, Commanders could all be in play. The Commanders are the wild card because the team is in ownership limbo. However, just like with the NBA situation where the sale was done PRIOR to trading deadline, the NFL is probably pushing hard for the Commanders to be sold PRIOR to the draft. If this happens, the new owner might want to make a big splash. If that happens and AR 15 is there at 6, I think the Lion’s make the trade. If the QB is Wil Levis at 6, I am not so sure a team trades up to get him. He could just fall to the Raiders or Falcons. Also, someone might be in love with Jalen Carter and could trade up to get him.

If the Lion’s stay at 6, and Jalen Carter is there? That’s the million dollar question. Is Brad and Dan being so quiet about him because they are calling his representatives and seeing where his head is at? No doubt they made these calls and I am sure they are having these discussions right now. I don’t think they have made a decision regardless of everyone relying on the "Culture" lingo that Brad and Dan have been preaching. His tape is off the charts good. The position is of extreme need. It’s not so simple, "HARD PASS". Think of Suh and if the Lion’s passed on Suh. Jalen Carter is that good. Now, do I think they should draft him? "HARD PASS" but that’s because where the Lion’s are at in their advancement as a team. He’s far too risky to draft at 6 for them. Tyree Wilson can play DE or DT, has huge upside and comes with none of the baggage. However, he isn’t a finished product and he’s coming off an injury. If Wil Anderson somehow falls to 6, the Lion’s are ecstatic and running to the podium! The Lion’s could be in position to draft one of three DL players: WIl Anderson, Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson or one QB and 2 DL players. Again, this assumes AZ trades out of 3 and I am 95% sure they will. It is shaping up to be a very entertaining and fun draft with the Lion’s being in the thick of it all. Had they been at 4 instead of 6, oh boy that would have been the ultimate draft night. Still, at 6 they are in position to make things happen. I am in the camp that Brad and Dan are looking at that gaping hole after they pick in the third round and their next pick in round 5. It’s a massive gap. This is why I convinced that Brad trades down either in round 1 or round 2 to fill that gap and get that 4th round pick back. I don’t really care about the 7th round missing pick but it would be nice to have it for a QB stash on the practice squad. UCLA’s QB seems like a quality practice squad developmental guy.

At the end of the day, the Lion’s needs a little luck and lately, that has been trending in the right direction!

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