The brilliance of Holmes' free agency

Brad Holmes has absolutely nailed free agency for the Lions so far, to the point that even without any draft picks, this roster is in good shape for next year and is set to legitimately compete for the NFC North.

To show how good it is, I've run scenarios with the first two rounds of the draft, and I don't see how any route could miss. They could pick ALL offense, ALL defense, or a mix; trade up/trade down; and still walk away significantly better.

Scenario 1 - All offense:

6- QB Stroud

18 - RB Robinson

48 - G Steve Avila

55 - TE Sam Le Porta

Scenario 2 - All defense:

6 - CB Gonzalez/Witherspoon

18 - Bryan Bresee/Kancey

48 - ED Adebawore

55 - LB Henley

Either scenario, the Lions are sitting pretty. Once you throw in a mix of offense/defense, the possibility of trades, and the remaining picks in the draft, along with Holmes' acumen, you have a team to be feared.

This post isn't to quibble about who should be picked at each of the above draft slots (i.e. I would prefer AR15 over Stroud, Campbell over Henley, not in love with Le Porta), but that each of us could just pick our favorite choices (whether they are starters this year or developmental players/prospects, the right positional draft value, offense or defense, etc), and walk away knowing the Lions are better.

Thank you Brad Holmes.

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