Crazy FA... Is this still the Lions?

Brad Holmes and Co have been busy! I'm really loving the way this team is taking shape. I was thinking about writing a post the other day but glad I waited, now we've also got Gardner-Johnson. Let's look at positions and see what level of need is at each spot.

QB: Level of need 5/10. Definitely need a backup who can step in and not cost us games if Goff is hurt a game or two. Whether that's a FA like Teddy Bridgewater or a mid rd rookie, we'll see.

RB: Got 2 solid RBs when healthy, trouble is Swift can't be counted on and Montgomery does have an injury history. I'll say 6/10 definitely better with Montgomery but I'd still be taking a mid rd RB at some point.

WR: 4/10 This could be a little higher depending on how Williams is trending for next year.

TE: 6/10 This group is decent as seen by their play after Hockenson was dumped last yr. This is a strong draft class for TE though and could definitely see one taken Rd 2-3 possibly later.

OL 4/10 Overall probably the best overall squad on the team, could move on from Vaitai or redo his contract. Guard is another spot that can be upgraded via draft.

IDL 8/10 Biggest need IMO. Gotta get one RD 1 or possibly 2.

Edge 2/10 Lots of quality players here already and with the 6th pick could end up Edge being BPA.

LB 7/10 Holmes tends to undervalue LB and not draft em high, hoping this changes.

CB 6/10 Holmes did a good job getting us a face lift here but only Sutton is under contract after this season so definitely have CB still in conversation for a top pick between rds 1-3 basically guaranteed.

S 2/10 With Gardner-Johnson, Joseph, and Walker this could be the most talented part of the roster. Maybe draft one late for depth.

First time going into a draft where I'm not sure exactly what Detroit should do... and that's a good thing much fewer weaknesses to this roster than I've seen in some time.

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