We still should get Chark

Just want to voice my opinion that D J Chark is an important missing piece of the puzzle. We all hope that Jameson Williams sets the world on fire in 2023, but the reality is that you can never have enough quality in your receiver room. I think part of Jared Goff's emergence in 2022 is attributable to simply having a much better group of receivers.

Although it might seem like we have enough, stretching the field vertically is a key to opening up bigger rushing gains, more mid-field receptions by the TE, and simply more guessing by the opponent's defense. Chark is a player that has the experience, capability, and simply the connection to the Lions I really like.

Can we still sign him? I think the team has created enough cap space to compete for his services. I hope that he feels something special can be found here with the Lions, and perhaps that gives us the advantage in a tight bidding contest.

If I were Chark, I'd much prefer to be in Detroit than just about anywhere else perhaps outside of KC. Carolina has shown high interest but they'll have a rookie QB and it's unlikely that everything can and will gel in the first year of a new coach, new QB, and many other changes. The Jets should or could be interesting if Rodgers does really in fact get there, but it sounds like he'll have a contingent of old teammates surrounding him that could affect how Chark is viewed. Denver might be a nice place to be, but again there is likely to be a bit of upheaval with the arrival of a new coach. Where else makes sense? Detroit has so much potential, and if he has a good relationship with the coaches, players, and fans, how can he ignore that chance to get to the Super Bowl, too?

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