CB still is our most likely target at 6 despite recent addictions.

Idk if its gonna be Gonzales or Witherspoon but if I had to bet on what we do at 6 I would go with CB still it's obvious the staff doesn't believe in Okudah anymore and the 49ers CB was likely just a depth signing in reality possibly taking Okudahs spot they can talk up all they want about competition winning out but everyone is gonna know whoever they draft is gonna automatically be CB #2. Okudah likely wants traded at this point and we take whatever we can get from him not sure compensation but should at least fetch a 5th from somewhere if there is a bidding way I would think.

in the end the most obvious long term and short term solution wins out whoever we draft at 6 is gonna be a better CB #2 this year and in the long term then whoever we have now and we address the long term question of starters without having to worry about paying anyone for at least 3 years if Sutton holds onto the job his whole contract if he doesn't it just means we developed someone better I could also see us taking a flyer in the late 2nd or 3rd round on a developmental Athletic CB so we have more guys under future contract in a good CB Class probably want someone who can cross train at safety though so we can have more depth at both spots with one player if this happens Jacobs is likely the odd man out unfortunately I like him but gotta admit we could upgrade to someone better especially with this class and idk what he would get but he is a RFA next year so the price may be too high for us to pay a backup.

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