Void Years/Dead Cap

I decided to do some looking around on Overthecap, specifically looking at our use of void years as compared to the rest of the NFC North. Assuming I'm reading the numbers right, which it's certainly possible I'm reading them completely wrong; we are middle of the pack when it comes to using the void years. Here are how the numbers break down for 2024 and 2025:

Lions - $12,331,529 (2024), $6,400,000 (2025)

Bears - $1,000,000 (2024), $3,190,000 (2025)

Packers – $1,480,000 (2024), $23,997,000 (2025)

Vikings - $46,540,000 (2024), $6,000,000 (2025)

The Bears don't have a lot of contracts that go past 2024, so they're pretty light, which explains the large amount of cap space that they have. The Vikings and Packers both have heavy commitments over the next couple years. So while $12Mil seems like a pretty high number, it actually looks pretty manageable. I'm not a huge fan of kicking the can down the road like we used to do with contract restructures, but I feel like we're pretty healthy right now.

What are your thoughts?

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