If your name’s not Jonah

We’ve seen it with TJ. Brad and the team aren’t afraid of making the tough cap decisions. Similar to the Stafford deal, we need to wait until TJ’s picks have played out before knowing if it was a success or not. Early returns from both ours and their play following did seem promising.

So, why be the buzzkill and bring up Jonah.

I don’t want to, I really don’t. Everyone’s talking about the certainty of the extension taking place. Myself included. Its just when you’re one injury away from Evan Brown (sorry), you look at that percentage of the total cap being occupied by the five starters. You wonder whether an interior-flexible OL rookie this year and next might be better at keeping us in the green on our balance sheet with our tackles and center.

I’ve become more pragmatic watching Brad work. I am absolutely fascinated with what they will do at QB. Is he trying to help Dan do what Sean McVay couldn’t and win it all with Goff… or, is he enjoying this financial bridge while a rookie QB learns the ropes behind him. The OL’s cap hit and whether there’s $20 million a year for Jonah will have a reflection on that. I don’t blame him. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad Graham Glasgow’s back after his big contract with the Broncos. Its important to remember, we did pay Graham’s contract-level money to Halapoulivaati Vaitai, so we have a piggy bank spot for it on our team. Well, Quinn did. We just don’t know if Brad will do the same.

Kansas City are shrewd operators the way they intersperse their expensive players with their rookies and reclamation projects. I am glad we are doing something similar and CANNOT wait to see them in Frankfurt.

Please sweet baby Jesus, hear me pray - Rickie Bobbie

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