Long Anti-Schnard View Point (respectful, but different opinion)

The sum of Schnard's article to me seemed to be Jared Goff has to go. I respect his opinion that Goff has strengths and weaknesses, and especially agree with his comments that the real reason Ben Johnson excelled was that he designed the offense to match Goff's strengths. He opined that J T Hockenson couldn't be used to his maximum potential because of Goff's limitations, but I disagree strongly here. I think Hock just didn't really get how to get the most out of his talent - he seemed to still be trying to figure things out, such as how to get to the right place for key first-downs, but simply being a key factor in each and every game, rather than when he felt like it. Goff proved with Wright, Zylstra, and Mitchell he could use his TEs to good advantage, and better than Hock.

Perhaps the essence of Schnard's article was we need a star QB, not Goff. He really likes Lamar Jackson. He also hopes we get one of the "Big 4" QBs in this year's draft as a consolation prize, at least. Goff is a star, albeit a humble and calm rational one. I like the approach he takes and although at times he falters on what seem like easy pass attempts, I've seen Matthew Stafford do the same or even worse at times too. No one would say Stafford didn't have a great arm, but Goff I think has nearly the same strength as well as accuracy, although I think he plays a bit more cautiously. So do the Lions really need Jackson or one of the "Big 4"?

I just don't believe Jackson is a better passer. Yes he can run. Yes running adds another dimension to the offense. However, I think it also makes the offense more confusing and can become less reliable. The Lions seem to have fine tuned their offense and blend together a very nice group of talent that compliments all of its players. The offensive line provides the running backs opportunities, as well as its QB the ability to make plays in multiple areas of the field. The wide receivers have many different looks and this takes a veteran, high level passer to adjust to. I think Goff is that kind of passer, and I don't think Jackson is.

A rookie QB does make sense to me. Nate Sudfeld is a veteran who provides stability and perhaps instruction to a rookie, too. A rookie with good tools could provide a spark and longer term stability. I don't think it needs to be a "Big 4" QB though. That's not to say the Lions won't draft a "Big 4" QB, I just don't know if developing someone like Haener, Cunningham, Hooker, McKee, or Tune is as good of an option long term. The hope and prospect that the Lions may not be drafting this high again for awhile does build some case in favor of taking a "Big 4" though. Yet, the coaches have to believe they're getting superior value to one of the not "Big 4".

The signings of Chauncy Gardner-Johnson and Emmanuel Moseley are very, very good, but they aren't long term commitments. This seems to mean that rookies are still in their sites. Perhaps the comment from Brad Holmes that he sees tremendous depth in the draft at defensive back is a clue that he doesn't necessarily feel he has to grab the most notorious talent to get good talent. However, the description of several of the corners (Devon Witherspoon in particular) might still win out on who they want to draft.

On the front that Schnard doesn't like the Robert Montgomery signing I would like to say, Montgomery is a power runner that is younger than Jamaal Williams and has been more productive over the past three or four years in total. I think they wanted to have this type of power runner available to back D'Andre Swift up, but they could surprise us all and draft Bijan Robinson as their do everything back with the power back (Montgomery) to counter balance him long term with the belief Swift just hasn't proven to be durable enough. If this scenario does develop then Justin Jackson definitely isn't needed with the threesome of Robinson, Montgomery, and Swift, and Reynolds is the fourth back available.

To summarize, Goff is my QB this year and at least next, but I'd like us to be developing a rookie QB from this draft. I think the secondary was the focus of an overhaul, but they aren't done yet as I expect at least one top CB to be picked. The surprise or option the Lions have positioned themselves to be able to make is selecting Bijan Robinson. I will sneak into the conversation that just maybe a top offensive lineman could be in their conversation too, if they think Swift is likely to stick with them longer and prove to be healthier too. Lastly, Schnard, I think that the Lions still need help on their defensive line - on the interior. Siaki Ika or Keondre Coburn are probably who I think fits the need best - big nose tackles. Ideally one could be had with their 81st or 152nd draft picks, but that's for Brad Holmes to decide.

A near 1000-word response didn't seem to make sense to post after your initial article Schnard, but take it as koodos that I wanted to respond, despite not being much in agreement with your remarks.

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