Should We Tamp Down Our Draft Expectations?

This off season has me all wound up! Solid regular season finish. Seemingly excellent free agent recruiting. Now on to the draft where we have two first round picks and five top 100 picks!

It seems like we're just about to pull off the coup de gras, right? Goodbye Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chicago - on to the NFC Championship Round! And perhaps beyond!

Maybe I should tamp my enthusiasm. Perhaps the draft will simply lay down more foundation to continue the ascent, but not push us up and over just yet. Patience, prudence, and humility might be the better approach.

With this in mind, how might the draft go? What's the tried and true formula the new Lions' regime has been following? I think I can imagine this scenario. Let me give it a go at least for the first five picks.

Round 1, Pick 6 - Offensive Lineman - Peter Skoronski - A conservative, quality pick to fill the whole on the right side of the line. Perhaps able to move to play tackle if needed too. A solid plug and play option that won't falter, so it's alright, right?

Round 1, Pick 18 - Corner Back - Deonte Banks - A superior athlete with excellent experience and track record of solid play. Not necessarily considered the crown jewel of the class but definitely a future contributor to fill one of the holes that will possibly need filling with all of the one-year contracts registered for 2023.

Round 2, Pick 48 - Defensive Tackle - Siaki Ika - Big or perhaps better described as a very big nose tackle that will hold his ground in the middle. Not overly running back aware, but definitely doesn't appear to get pushed out of position.

Round 2, Pick 55 - Quarterback - Hendon Hooker - Sort of a surprise pick, but an interesting one. He has to recover from an injury and we've see this kind of pick made several times in the past. Will he recover and show everyone he should have been considered one of the top 4 or 5 QBs in this draft?

Round 3, Pick 81 - Linebacker - Noah Sewell - Well, he's the brother of Penei and we are trying to build a family culture, so this kind of makes sense. Plus, he has good size too!

This would kind of make me yawn, but it could still prove to have the makings of a solid draft class. What do you think? Too conservative? Too boring? Simply not enough value or risk taking? I wonder if we would have missed getting that additional WR to take the place of Chark? I wonder if Devon Witherspoon or Christian Gonzalez will turn into an All Pro?

Well, holding down my enthusiasm with this type of draft maybe is good. Does it work for you?

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