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Dan Campbell will finally be in the next version of Madden video game

Say goodbye to “Don Crimbell,” because Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell has finally gotten scanned to be in the next version of the Madden video game series.

If you’re an avid gamer, you may have noticed over the past two years that the Madden NFL Football video game franchise has left the head of the Detroit Lions looking a little strange. The depiction of coach Dan Campbell has been... unbecoming, to say the least. In fact, in our weekly Madden simulations, we had given a name to this Campbell imposter: Don Crimbell.

Look at this monstrosity:

Well, Madden/Lions fans, rejoice! An accurate depiction of Dan Campbell will be in this year’s Madden game. The Lions official Twitter account tweeted out a video of Campbell getting a full face and body scan for the game.

So why the hell did it take EA Sports so long to get this rendering of Dan Campbell? The answer is amazingly simple.

These Madden scans take place during the annual owners meetings, because it’s a rare opportunity to have all NFL head coaches in one place at the same time. Campbell’s first year as head coach was 2021, when the owners meetings were virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, Campbell was notoriously the only NFL coach that was not at the owners meetings due to a personal issue.

So this was the first time that EA Sports has really had the opportunity to do the full scan of Campbell for the video game series.

Expect Madden 24 to depict a much more accurate version of Dan Campbell. Now let’s hope they get the rest of the team right and increase from that subpar 72 overall rating.

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