Let's keep the draft SIMPLE

Looking through articles on here there is far too much over thinking about the draft.

So let's lay out some simple thoughts:

  1. The Lions ARE NOT TRADING UP - this should be obvious. So far the off season has been one of sensible, smart decisions. Right now we have a better roster than the one that finished the season. The draft will follow the same process - make each position a little better.
  2. Just to solidify that, the cost to move up to #1 or #2 would be more than trading for Lamar Jackson and for the next few years he would arguably be a better option.
  3. The only 2 QB's worth taking at #6 are Stroud & Young. While I can see value in both Richardson and Levis I think there is enough doubt that either will be a top 10 QB so they aren't worth the #6 to Detroit.
  4. I don't think we will trade down either. The only time I see us trading down is if Young/Stroud/Anderson/Carter/Wilson are the first 5 picks. Our biggest need left is D Line so if one of the last 3 is available at #6 we take them and don't over think it
  5. Our main needs are DE/LB every other position on the depth chart has a starter(s) that right now we would be reasonably happy with.
  6. Depth would be especially nice at DB, IDL, OL, RB
So here's my Mock
#6 Tyree Wilson EDGE
This to me would be the ideal situation with Wilson still on the board. Picking up a top DE 2 years running is a dream. Between them and situational pass rushing from Houston, Cominsky & Paschal should see the Lions see a big increase in sacks and QB hurries.

#18 Bijan Robinson RB
Some times you just have to go with what comes to you. I am using PFN and their standard Draft Board. So at 18 I am looking at #11 Robinson, #18 Jordan Addison, #19 Lukas van Ness & #21 Cam Smith. Given that choice Robinson brings the most improvement to the roster and potentially could be RB1 by mid season.

#48 Trenton Simpson LB
Last season Anzalone had 125 tackles, Rodriguez 87 and then it fell off a cliff. (Barnes 47, Board 21). So still having Simpson available at #48 is a definite improvement. If we don't get a LB here then picking up someone like Noah Sewell at #55 would work too.

#55 Gervon Dexter DT
In 4 picks we have turned a fairly weak front 7 against the run into a position of strength. A trio of McNeill, Buggs and Dexter rotating in and out (and hopefully a bit of Onwuzurike) will mean we can wear the opponents down.

#81 Jaylon Jones CB
This came down to depth at a number of positions with decent players at OT and WR also available. But CB is a position where we only have 2 players signed after this season. So picking up nice depth in teh 3rd round with the potential to develop into a starter won the day.

I usually stop at the 3rd round because everything beyond #100 is a crap shoot.

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