Captain Subtext: Brad, Annual meetings 2023

In homage to that episode in "Coupling"—an English "Friends" from the noughties—I’m reading between the lines of what Brad and Dan said and didn’t say at the NFL Annual Meetings earlier this week. So, it’s 100% my projection. Here’s Brad, Dan’s tomorrow.

The Lions are not big spenders. Both Emmanuel Moseley and C. J. Gardner-Johnson would have been out of their price range if Moseley hadn’t gotten injured and Chauncey hadn’t tested the market. Odell at $20 million got the right response (laugh) from Brad too, when asked.

When Brad was talking about the secondary additions in free agency, he said that after last year, it was an area of emphasis and added that it will continue to be. For me, corner back or perhaps defensive back, i.e. someone with the position flex like Cam, Emmanuel and C.J., is still going to be drafted. I’d say in the first round of the draft but they can find gems later, so.

Football intelligence and selflessness are very important intangibles.

Talent is easy to find Brad said. Is Jalen’s talent that special? This may not be a full answer but when Dave Birkett followed Justin Roger’s question about intangibles, with his own, I found Brad’s response telling. Brad’s immediate agreement to "people are young and they make mistakes" made me feel that Jalen is still on their board.

Following on from that though, they don’t know who they’ll pick at six. Yet. I felt it was an honest moment that Brad could lean into when answering here because it also helped the subterfuge the Lions are maintaining about their plans because they truly could go in any direction.

Brad doesn’t have a depth chart? They did have a depth chart in St Louis and they also had a dominant Defensive Line which they didn’t shy away from putting more resources into. Does it mean OL at six is possible if they’re not able to trade down?

Backup QB didn’t have many free agency resources allotted this year. The other two quarter backs they tried to sign were in Nate Sudfeld’s range and they got more elsewhere. I don’t think there’s a backup stash for Teddy Bridgewater but I would be glad to be wrong. Again, with the line of not having a depth chart, I do think a QB is drafted by our first pick on day 3. So, lukewarm take here.

Jeff Okudah won’t get the fifth year option but he may stay with the team next year if the contract cost works.

Graham Glasgow’s position flexibility is for Frank Ragnow as well as Halapoulivaati Vaitai.

Cheers and have a great day. Go Lions!

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