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Wednesday open thread: Should the NFL move up the draft to an earlier date?

NFL Draft season seems to drag on forever. Would everyone be better served moving the date up a few weeks or a month?

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft is just around the corner, which is a great feeling. We finally get some joie de vivre amidst the desert of entertainment that is the NFL offseason. The caveat is that, this year in particular, it feels like it has been around the corner for months. Maybe it’s just me, but things have really dragged on.

While mock drafts and draft discourse get old every year, this year it feels like everyone is on their last straw and getting feisty about it. Does it have to be this way?

Question of the day: Should the NFL move up the timing of the draft?

The NFL has moved it back before—back in 2014—and that was a disaster from a fan standpoint.

The past two weeks have felt like another two weeks of mock drafts from hell, and I want to get to Thursday so we can have some reprieve and reality instead of passive aggressive hypothetical discourse.

My answer: Unfortunately, I think the answer is no. While we have a good few weeks after the draft for rookies to ease into their reporting period and there’s some flexibility there, I don’t think tightening the pre-draft window is very feasible.

From a fan standpoint, there’s time to spare. Results from the NFL Combine have been marinating in our hands for two months, and most pro days are long over with. The lack of new information is what makes the draft discourse so repetitive and agitating.

From a team and league standpoint, it’s quite the opposite. Top-30 visits are actively giving teams new insights into who players are and what they can contribute to their respective teams, allowing front offices to continue shuffling around their draft boards and sift through hypotheticals. Tightening up that window further would probably put too much logistical strain on all 32 teams and the prospects visiting them.

I don’t see it happening, at least anytime soon. I’m sure I won’t mind that in 48 hours, but right now, I’m bored. I’m counting the seconds until we have something tangible, a Honolulu Blue Kool Aid-holic waiting for a reason to start sipping. How about you?

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