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Chargers schedule release video slams Detroit Lions for gambling suspensions

The Chargers made a pretty darn funny joke in their 2023 schedule release video about the Detroit Lions gambling suspensions.

As soon as I realized the Detroit Lions were facing the Los Angeles Chargers this year, I knew the team was in for some top-tier roasting.

If you’re unaware, the Chargers have become legendary when it comes to their schedule release videos. They have a no-holds-barred attitude, and even recently admitted to ESPN that they have a little black book filled with every team’s most embarrassing or mockable moments.

This year, they didn’t hold back again, re-doing their anime-themed video from last year. And with the Lions in their crosshairs this year, it’s worth taking a close look at. So before we get into how they teased the Lions, take some time and watch the entire thing:

Now to what they did to the Lions.

Maybe it’s low hanging fruit, but the Chargers went right after the Lions’ gambling issues, referencing the four suspensions that Detroit players are facing after gambling with a mock gambling problem PSA:

If you squint closely, you’ll also see a subtle shot at the Detroit Lions 2023 draft class, which was panned on its first day for some perceived reaches. The slide reads. “Oh behalf of Questionable Draft Picks (MI).”

While I’m sure some Lions fans will get mad about this, it’s good-natured ribbing from the Chargers and pretty cleverly done, even if it’s an obvious target.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, the Lions’ schedule release video—which is gaming and streaming themed—is also fantastic and you can see it here.

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