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Detroit Lions 2023 schedule release video is full of easter eggs

You’re probably going to need to watch this video a few times to see all the goodness.

The Detroit Lions released their 2023 schedule on Thursday night, and as has become custom, the media department—headed by senior producer Neil Larsonreleased an incredible video as a complementary piece.

At its core, the video is based on an online live simulation of the popular football video game Madden. There are a plethora of easter eggs (subtle messages) hidden inside this video and it moves at a rapid pace, so you’ll probably need to watch it several times to try and catch all the jokes.

First, there is a younger generation of Lions fans that will understand every word in the video, but there is also a large, older generation of fans (like me) that may need to just ignore some of the lingo and just keep moving.

For example, the video opens with A.I. Dan Campbell talking to A.I. Brad Holmes and Dan says: “My bad Brad, OBS was being mad sus.” Basically, what many people may not know is that OBS is a broadcasting software that streamers use to help them deploy video on platforms like Twitch. Additionally, “mad sus” simply means, that Campbell was having problems with the software.

If you’re already lost, then welcome, come take a seat on the bench next to me. But don’t be discouraged. There is still a litany of fun elements in the video for everyone to enjoy.

For example, when the Lions reveal that they play the Chiefs in Week 1, Campbell starts speaking German, which is a clever nod to the rumors that that game was projected to be played in Germany this year.

Then in Week 3, when the Lions are facing the Falcons, the Lions media subtly made the score Lions 28 Falcons 3. If that score sounds familiar, that’s because it was the same score the Falcons had over the Patriots in the 2017 Super Bowl before blowing the lead.

Virtually every clip had multiple jokes, The Packers Week 4, clip had 4 puns in a row, poking fun at the former quarterback Aaron Rodgers—before Kerby Joseph ended his career in Green Bay. When the SIM got to the Lions facing off against the Bears, they moved Amon-Ra St. Brown to corner, had him cover his brother Equanimeous and the younger brother secured an interception—to which Campbell says, “You just got Amon-Ra St. Clowned.”

There’s plenty more, including some shout-outs to us here at Pride of Detroit. Now, it’s unclear if when they were looking for Jack Campbell’s “Grit Rating” if they were referring to our “Grit index”. But there was no mistaking their nod to Jeremy Reisman’s in-season Saturday morning Madden SIMs, when they left an “in loving memory” of the old Madden version of Dan Campbell, that the POD Twitch audience named Don Crimble because he looked nothing like the current coach.

Just awesome stuff overall, regardless of age. So without further ado, please enjoy the Lions video in its entirety below (or in this link):

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