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Sunday open thread: What is the best thing about the Detroit Lions’ 2023 schedule?

The schedule-makers seemed to have done the Detroit Lions a lot of favors. What’s the best part of the Lions 2023 schedule?

Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Normally when the schedule release happens, Detroit Lions fans are quick to bellyache about something. The bye is too early. They didn’t get enough primetime games. They’re catching too many teams coming off their bye week with extra rest. Every year, it seems at least one of these things are true—oftentimes many.

But this year, I haven’t heard many Lions fans complain at all. Sure, some are bothered by being the featured team on opening week against the world champion Kansas City Chiefs—making it hard for the Lions to get off to a hard start—but it seems most Lions fans feel more honored by the recognition.

Either way, the response from Lions fans about their 2023 NFL regular season schedule has been overwhelmingly positive from what I’ve seen, and for good reason. It’s a favorable schedule in a lot of ways.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite thing about the Lions’ 2023 schedule?

My answer: They are rarely facing a team who is on more rest than they are. The only three examples are Week 6, when they are catching the Buccaneers off of their early Week 5 bye, and both games against the Bears (Week 11 Chicago is coming off a Thursday game, and Week 14 they’re coming off their bye week.)

Meanwhile, the Lions are getting more rest in several matchups:

  • In Week 2, they have three more days of rest than the Seahawks because they’re coming off a Thursday game
  • In Week 5, they have three more days of rest than the Panthers because they’re coming off a Thursday game
  • In Week 7, they are facing a Ravens team who played in London the previous week
  • In Week 10, they are coming off their bye week AND the Chargers are coming off a short week due to “Monday Night Football” the previous week
  • In Week 13, they have an extra three days of rest than the Saints because they’re coming off Thanksgiving game
  • In Week 18, they have one extra day of rest because they’re coming off a Saturday game

Your turn.

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