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Thursday open thread: What changes would you make to the NFL draft?

Everything is on the table...except a lottery.

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Many Detroit Lions fans are both Pistons and Red Wings fans, meaning the term “draft lottery” is a pretty sore topic right now. The Red Wings notoriously suffer from any sort of good luck, and while the Pistons did win the No. 1 overall pick two seasons ago, they missed out on the biggest prize Tuesday despite being in pole position.

These sufferings are some of the reasons why the NFL should not follow the lottery model, but there are certainly aspects that can be improved. With last month’s draft still fresh on our minds, now would be a good time to bring some proposals to the table for everyone’s favorite offseason event.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What changes would you make to the NFL draft?

My answer: In terms of experience, I think going back to two days would be better. Sure, it draws out the drama and builds engagement, but there is simply too much time spent between picks. I know that teams need time to work the phones and everything, but as a fan it feels a little too drawn out.

My other complaint is harder to solve — and not really about the draft itself — but I wish there was a way to make pick-for-player trades more exciting. In other sports, you frequently see first (and even second) rounders traded for stars, but even the best NFL players often go for underwhelming returns. Figuring out how to increase player value relative to draft capital would make the event even more intriguing.

Your turn.

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