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Lions have ‘had dialogue’ with Jared Goff’s agent about contract extension

According to Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes, they have entered preliminary discussions with Jared Goff about a contract extension.

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The Detroit Lions have entered the extremely early stages of discussing a contract extension for quarterback Jared Goff. Lions general manager Brad Holmes told local radio station 97.1 The Ticket on Tuesday morning, that he’s talked with both Goff and his agent.

“We’ve had dialogue there, and we’ve had dialogue with his agent,” Holmes said. “And we’re in a good place right now.”

UPDATE NOTE: There was a faulty phone connection here with the radio station that, per a team resource, caused connection to drop for a second, missing a key word from this Holmes. Here is the full quote from Holmes, emphasis added:

“We’ve had internal dialogue there, and we’ve had dialogue with his agent. And we’re in a good place right now.”

Admittedly, it’s a vague statement from Goff, but it does represent a progression in the team’s relationship with Goff. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Lions quarterback said no conversations had been had yet.

”I mean of course you’d be open,” Goff said. “It hasn’t been brought to my attention, but yeah, of course, open to anything. Not up to me. I’m a player, I don’t have to make those decisions. And if I did, I would have made that decision a long time ago. Give me and all my friends all the money in the world. But I just get to play, and if that comes about, that’d be great. But we’ll see.”

Goff’s current contract has him signed through the 2024 season, so there is no urgency to necessarily get a deal done this offseason. He is currently costing the Lions $31 million against the cap this year and will cost Detroit $32 million next year. But given Goff’s strong year in 2022 and the recent extension of players like Daniel Jones (four years, $160 million), and Jalen Hurts (five years, $255), he has a good argument for a significant raise.

Detroit also drafted quarterback Hendon Hooker in the third round of last week’s draft. Holmes didn’t really get into how it impacted Goff’s future. For now, their focus is on getting Hooker healthy from the torn ACL he suffered back in December.

“There’s no pressure. He can get healthy,” Holmes said. “When he’s ready to go out there, he’ll be out there. We’ll make sure that we’re smart with how we manage his rehab and his return to play.

“Again, it's just a guy that’s really talented, has a lot of upside, and fits all the intangibles that we’re looking for in a Detroit Lion. So, there’s really no pressure. When he’s ready, then he’ll be ready. So, I think it’s a really good situation. No pressure and I’m really happy with where he’s at right now.”

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