Longtime NFL GM Rick Spielman has harsh words for critics of Detroit’s 2023 draft class

Lions Wire recently put out an article based on this vid from CBS Sports, Expect the Detroit Lions rookie class to have a BIG impact on the team in 2023.

Enter Rick Spielman. In his "With the First Pick" podcast for CBS Sports with Ryan Wilson, the former Vikings GM and brother of Lions senior exec Chris Spielman, rails against the negative noise directed at Detroit’s draft.

It’s very true with second-round pick, Iowa tight end Sam LaPorta. LaPorta was a surprise pick met with some consternation, but Spielman states LaPorta, the No. 34 overall pick, is a "potential offensive rookie of the year."

Spielman notes,

"I think they have four starters in their first four picks. I think they drafted the future quarterback, once Goff is done, in Hendon Hooker. Then Brodric Martin is an underrated nose tackle."

Spielman raved on Hooker before the draft praising him for his leadership, accuracy and physical talent. He has had a high interest with good reason in the Lions as a commentator. You have to wonder if he's been advising Chris on the side. Hooker has a great arm, amazing accuracy and is a top notch leader right out of the box.I hope the Lions keep him on the roster so he can play as soon as possible. Goff is the man right now but a wise man named Jerry Grandville once said NFL stands for not for long buddy. An injury or a stretch of poor play and Hooker can get his shot. I think Hooker's maturity and his play in an offense where everything went through him, he did carry the offense, it all works in his favor.

He continued on Martin and why it’s a good pick,

"They struggled some versus the run. I think as he grows and learns — he may not be ready Week 1 — but as he develops, I think he’s going to have an impact at the nose tackle position, especially in the run game."

I love Martin, he has what cant be taught, size and he is fat more athletic than you might think. He will by mid season be the best interior tackle and by next season he will be a very good interior pass rusher. I'm betting on this draft class being the best ever with a large number of playmakers. Gibbs will scare defenses from day1, Campbell will be a tone setter and leader by mid season, he is going to surprise with his athletic ability and versatility and he and Hutch and Houston will scare offenses with tough hard nose play. LaPorta will be a great tight end next year but he will play different positions. Green will play and be a very useful player, he won't be a star but he will make some big plays. He is working on his routes and will have a St Brown ability to prove people wrong.

I love this team and want to see it kick ass and it has a very good shot at it. Holmes is a bad ass GM who has pulled off a great rebuild in 3 years.

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