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Even Packers fans think the Detroit Lions will win the NFC North

A majority of Green Bay Packers fans believe the Detroit Lions will win the NFC North in 2023.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

There aren’t many things in this world worse than Green Bay Packers fans. They’re spoiled, cocky, arrogant, and they think that just because they own some worthless piece of paper that they “own” the team. But they also know a good football team when they see one. In the past 30 years, they’ve witnessed just five Packers teams with a losing record.

So as we turn over a new leaf in the NFC North, the future in Green Bay is in flux. With no Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre to carry the Packers anymore, who will be the next franchise to step up and take control of the division?

Well, according to said Packers fans, it’s the Detroit Lions.

In their latest NFL Reacts poll, our “friends” at Acme Packing Company asked Green Bay fans who they think will win the NFC North, and a majority of surveyors selected the Lions to be division champs—at 51 percent.

If that ain’t a sign things have changed around here, I don’t know what is. But I suppose when your last vision of the Detroit Lions is them kicking you out of the playoff race on your home turf, there’s a little respect earned around these parts.

It probably comes as little surprise that the Packers came in second in voting, but if you head over to the comment section of Acme Packing Company, you won’t exactly find a group of confident Green Bay fans.

“34% of the poll participants are smoking something,” one commenter wrote. “I will lay any amount with every single one of them that Green Bay does not win the division.”

“The fact that 34% of fans thought GB would win the division tells me that these polls are click bait, Packer fans are idiots, and stop. This is ESPN level article trolling,” another commenter wrote.

Beyond that, it is pretty funny that Packers fans have absolutely no faith in the Chicago Bears. Though that should come as little surprise given that Chicago is largely considered their biggest rival.

How do y’all feel about getting some respect from Packers fans? Scroll down to the comment section and sound off.

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