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Kerby Joseph wears ‘Free Jamo’ shirt in support of Jameson Williams

The Detroit Lions second-year safety wasn’t making a statement about the NFL’s gambling policy, but wanted to support WR Jameson Williams.

Back in early May—a few weeks after four Detroit Lions, including first-round wide receiver Jameson Williams, were suspended for gambling—safety Kerby Joseph tweeted the words “FREE JAMO.” The statement appeared to be support for his teammate and quite possibly a statement against the NFL’s gambling policy, which Williams claims he wasn’t clear of when he violated the rule—betting on a non-NFL game while on the Lions facility.

After Thursday’s practice during his media session, Joseph was sporting a shirt with those same words: “Free Jamo”

“He knows what he did, but he’s trying to get better and he wants to get better,” Joseph said. “We want to get better. We’re going to grow from it, and we’re going to learn from it. This is just in support of my guy.”

Joseph clarified that he was not making a statement against the NFL’s policy, but simply supporting his teammate and friend during a tough time.

“Nah, it ain’t none of that, it’s just I love my dog,” Joseph said. “My dog out here still practicing, going hard, wanting to get better. That’s all.”

Over the weekend, it was revealed that a currently unidentified fifth member of the 2022 Lions team is currently under investigation for potentially violating the NFL’s gambling policy. Coach Dan Campbell responded to the news on Thursday and talked about the stronger efforts the team has made this year to ensure they won’t face similar problems down the road.

“It’s much more an emphasis from us, as opposed to just leaving it to the league,” Campbell said. “Like we need to make sure that we really hit this ourselves and make a point of it. We did (last year), but obviously not enough. The proof’s in the pudding. So, for us, let’s take it out of their hands. They will have what they do every year, but now we need to put our own emphasis on it, and I think that is the best way to do it, is to highlight it.”

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