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Detroit Lions Movember reward: A dramatic reading of a sad UM fan during ‘trouble with the snap’

Because you all raised over $27,000 for charity in Movember, here is a dramatic reading of Jeremy’s emo post following the UM/MSU “Trouble with the Snap” game. Enjoy

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Way back in November, as part of our fundraising campaign to raise money for two causes—The Alzheimer’s Association and the Crisis Text Line—I offered up an embarrassing memory. Back in 2015, I was a distraught young man. From the confines of a California apartment, I had just watched my Alma Mater, the Michigan Wolverines, lose to one of their biggest rivals in one of the most improbable finishes.

Yes, I am talking about the Trouble with the Snap game.

That year, I was just a few months on my job here at Pride of Detroit, as the founder of the site, Sean Yuille, had stepped down in August. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I was under enormous pressure to live up to the reputation Sean had built. And on this Saturday afternoon, I was feeling particularly lost and stressed.

So I did something stupid. I wrote a lengthy, emo-filled FanPost about how emotional I was feeling about the Michigan/Michigan State game. It was awkward. It had no business being on our site. And looking back on it today, I feel nothing but embarrassment and shame for that post.

And that’s why I dangled it as a potential reward for our Movember campaign. If you all had helped raise $23,000 during our charity event—Michigan scored 23 points in that game—I would have Kellie Rowe do a dramatic reading of that entire FanPost.

You all came through. Big time. In total, we raised over $27,000 during the month of November.

So, here. Claim your reward.

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