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Wednesday open thread: What do you want to see from the Detroit Lions alternate helmets?

What design would you like to see from the Detroit Lions’ 2023 alternate helmets, which will be unveiled on Wednesday.

New Detroit Lions uniforms photo gallery

On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions will reveal their highly-anticipated alternate helmet design for the 2023 season. Starting in 2022, the NFL allowed teams to have a second alternate helmet that they can pair with their alternate, throwback, or Color Rush uniforms. The Lions did not use this option last year, but this year, it appears they plan on taking advantage of the new rule.

Paired with the announcement of the new alternate helmets, the Lions dropped couple of hints about what the design may look like—both of which seem to be focused on classic Ford cars:

This has led many to speculate what the design will be, with most believing Detroit is throwing their helmet design back to the 1960s or 70s to match the classic cars of that time.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What helmet design would you like to see for the Detroit Lions’ alternate option?

My answer: I’m not really all that picky when it comes to helmet or uniform design. I’m more about practical than fashionable—so please fix the jersey number problem for the next uniform change, Lions.

That said, while I’m always for throwbacks to trigger some nostalgia—and won’t be disappointed if that’s the direction they go—part of me wishes they would go with something a little more modern and sleek. Plenty of graphic artists have thrown out interesting mocks for a more contemporary design, and they’re pretty neat. The one below is probably one of my favorites.

I think a blue helmet would look pretty good, although I think I’d prefer a different shade than the one above and one with a blue facemask, as well. This Lions helmet design over on Pinterest would look pretty flashy.

What about y’all? What are you hoping to see from the Detroit Lions alternate helmet unveiling? Sign up for a Pride of Detroit account, and then sound off by scrolling to the comment section below and sharing your thoughts.


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